Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Day 4: New England with Matt


Day 4: New England with Matt

With Matt somewhat rested from his successful (and first) Iron Butt
SaddleSore 1000, we opted out of the Ben and Jerry's Factory tour and
traveled back to Nashua, NH to see his old house and the city he
called home before moving to Columbus, OH and eventually, California.
Nashua is a quaint city with everything a person needs close to home.
He often talked about this place, but it didn't take long for me to
realize why he missed it so much.

After that quick jaunt, we headed up to York Beach, ME to visit
another place he used to visit as a kid. We stopped at the beach and
had a couple lobster rolls and a basket of freshly fried clam strips
(not the chewy Long John Silver's crap). After a stroll in the sand
and some pictures we were off again back to Stratton, VT.

Before I get the questions, I will explain what a lobster roll is.
It's a bread roll that's slathered in butter and toasted and topped
with giant chunks of freshly steamed lobster. It's absolutely
delicious, and you can only get it up in this region.

On the way back we took the same roads just a bit faster. It's been a
while since we've been able to hammer through curves like that;
Columbus region just doesn't have those kinds of roads nearby. Total
distance for this journey: approximately 320 miles.

I have the feeling that I'll be back here a few more times. This area
is too beautiful to not spend more time in. And that beach. It's not
the same as the CA coast, but for now just getting that smell again
will suffice.

According to travel plans, I will be in Freehold, NJ tomorrow for a
quick journey into NYC. I want to go see the NHL store in Times
Square. :)