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Food Review: Taste of Thai (Columbus, OH - Polaris)

As my way to celebrate completing the MSF Basic Rider Course last weekend, I decided to eat at a brand new Thai restaurant that's located near the Polaris shopping area that I noticed while I was riding down the street. It's called Taste of Thai and it's a small, family owned venue that is conveniently near Chase Bank's main headquarters and several other office buildings in the area.

Yep, another food stop for me and Eleanor!
When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by the hostess wearing traditional Thai clothing. It was pretty slow for a Sunday (I was the only customer in the store). The restaurant's interior is a very simple and quaint atmosphere with traditional Thai art. There was also a TV screen playing various videos on Thai food and Thailand tourism.

I ordered an appetizer and a noodle plate for my main course. For the appetizer, I requested their crab rangoons. I was quite surprised by their take on this entree that's often seen on many a Chinese restaurant menu; it was spiked with curry! That along with the sweet sauce was definitely a great first impression to what ended up becoming a great meal. I accompanied this dish with delicious tall glass of Thai iced tea.

Extremely light and flavorful interpretation of an Asian snack!
The main course was a very unique take at Pad See Ew, a noodle dish with sweet sauce, beef, and carrots. This is one of my favorite Thai foods and one I used to indulge on during those boring weekly teacher meetings I had at my old job. This rendition used the same thin, flat noodles used in Pad Thai instead of the traditional wide flat rice noodles that I've always seen in Pad See Ew. The gamble surely paid off, and the dish was delicious and extremely flavorful.

Very tasty and quite filling!
For those looking for a spicy kick, all of these dishes can be made to "Thai spec" with the extra heat. For me, I requested the mild version of all these dishes, and all were very tasty.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you're looking for a diverse menu of REAL Thai food made by native Thai people. This is one of the better Thai restaurant that I've eaten at and one of the tastier ones in Columbus. I'd like to return to sample more of their dishes.

Taste of Thai is located at 8489 Sancus Blvd, Columbus, OH 43240, behind City Barbecue.

UPDATE (9/11/12): It appears this restaurant is permanently closed.