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Rider Review: Firstgear Women's Mojave Gloves

I had the opportunity to test the Firstgear Women's Mojave Gloves for the last 1000 miles and they've earned a spot in my normal lineup of hot-weather gloves. I picked up this pair from my friends at MOTOHIO European Motorbikes in Columbus.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the fit of these gloves. Firstgear has created a glove that actually fits a real woman's hand that doesn't bind or squeeze the fingers when grabbing the controls. I would highly recommend this pair for both cruiser and touring riders alike, especially those who want more low-key reinforced knuckle protection.
My only real qualms with these gloves was that some of the stitching in the thumb bothered me a bit until I really broke it in. Additionally, the wrist closure still leaves a hole when velcroed shut that'll leave a nice spot tan if you're out in the sun long enough (pic of gap below). Other than that, it's a glove that'll go the distance and keep your hands cool and comfortable for those long rides.

The opening at the bottom of the wrist does add to comfort, but don't be surprised if you get a tan spot.
- gel palm for those longer rides
- pre-curved fingers that are meant to grab onto handlebars
- perforated leather that's tough as well as breathable
- easy fit in the hands thanks to squared-off finger stalls

- considerably longer break-in time, but worth the wait
- hole in wrist can leave a nice glove tan

MSRP for the Firstgear Mojave gloves is $59.95 and available in both men's and women's sizes. More information available @