Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: The Subaru's got a new lease on life!


The Subaru's got a new lease on life!

I got a rare opportunity to see my old Subaru post-mortem last week. As I mentioned in a previous blog post "In Memoriam," I sold the insurance totaled car to Mullins Body Shop to save it from a future in a scrap yard. After visiting its repair in progress, I was reassured even further that it'll see the road once again.

After work on Friday, I rode the FJR over to the body shop to swap out my locking trailer hitch pin on the car and replace it with the original standard one; this was the last part that I needed to provide the body shop so they could remove the hitch if necessary. Here's some pics of the awesome job that's been done to get this car working again.

The entire right front panel was removed to be repainted and replaced. Replacement suspension was installed and the wheel will be swapped out with a new one.
Closeup of the repaired front end. 
Front passenger door was partially primed for a repaint and the gold side panels removed for additional repair.
Currently, the car's been deemed parking lot worthy and is expected to make it to ODOT inspection this week to be certified ready for the road. As a request from Ronnie (the guy who's fixing it), he asked me to turn on the car and listen to the engine to make sure it sounded just as it did before the accident. I turned the key and it roared back to life just as it did before this entire mess happened.

The "taxi" lives again...I'm still going to miss it, though. :(