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Food Review: Dan's Deli #41 (mobile eatery, anywhere in Central Ohio)

Since my blog mainly focuses on things on wheels, I'm going to switch gears and do a food review on an establishment that thrives on mobility and bringing the food to your event.

As the event coordinator for Independent Motorsports, I invited Dan's Deli #41 to our MC Networking Event last Saturday, 3/31 for a trial run. I've seen several of these trailers roaming around various parts of Columbus and I figured it would be fun to bring some food options to our event.

Here's Dan's Deli #41 serving up our guests at the Independent Motorsports MC Networking Event on 3/31/12.

When I finally was able to take a break from all the action, I had the opportunity to try a fresh, grilled-to-order gyro sandwich. It was made up of three thick slices of gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions (I asked for extra, of course), and cucumber sauce folded into a pita bread. As an added twist, the griller, Mike, topped whole concoction with a grilled patty of melted mozzarella cheese. You'll need two hands (and more napkins) to manage one of these buggers, but it's well worth it. The sandwich is, by far, the best gyro I've had in the state of Ohio. From what I heard from several other guests at my event, their custom hot dog and cheesesteak sandwiches are top notch as well. We didn't even get the full menu for the Independent Motorsports MC Networking Event last Saturday - they serve bratwurst too!
Now THAT is some cheese on top! I am not worthy.
Dan's Deli is a fleet of portable deli trailers that are stationed all over the country. According to their website, it is the first business to offer custom fiberglass trailers and a turn-key business all in the same company. It's a pretty cool business venture, and when managed properly, practically recession-proof. People gotta eat, right?

For businesses that need a catering option, Dan's Deli is extremely flexible with their serving options and definitely takes care of its hosts. They're self-enclosed, can be parked anywhere, and even provide their own power! No fuss and no mess!

To book our friends at Dan's Deli #41 (the trailer that served us oh so wonderfully!), please find them on Facebook at and give them a shout. Great food, great people, and I'm making sure they're coming back to my store again. And here's their information.

For more information about finding a Dan's Deli (or getting started with your own trailer), visit