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Food Review: Rotelli's (Gahanna, OH)

I ended up eating dinner here on a fluke a couple weeks ago. Matt and I were meeting up with a few friends to watch Wrestlemania 28 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Gahanna, but with the wait for a table being nearly three hours and over fifty-five people in front of us, I gave up and walked across the parking lot to Rotelli's Italian Restaurant to have dinner.

Rotelli's is an open seating restaurant with full service and a bar. I was greeted by a server and immediately had warm, baked yeast rolls brushed with olive oil and freshly cut garlic on top. Yup, I was definitely sticking around for dinner.

Endless supply too? You betcha.
I ordered a penne alfredo with shrimp for my meal, and I was very impressed with the quality and creaminess of the alfredo sauce and the quality of the pasta. The shrimp was very large, fresh, and sauteed with the perfect level of tenderness. The chef even was nice enough to throw a few extra prawns in at no additional charge! It reminded me very much of a restaurant I often frequented when I attended USC called Pasta Roma. I remembered that place quite fondly and Rotelli was pretty close to that wonderful taste of home.

Bring an empty stomach. You're going to need it.
This place deserves a revisit. Since there were no televisions at this restaurant, I didn't have to compete with the people who either had no friends or were too cheap to buy Pay-Per-View (we ended up riding across town it at a friend's parents' house to watch Wrestlemania). With specials such as endless spaghetti and meatball Mondays, it is a bit tempting. Besides, BW3's wings and most of their entrees aren't that appealing to me anyway.

Rotelli's is located at 1334 Cherry Bottom Road in Gahanna. This branch is part of a chain that is currently in six states. For more information, visit

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