Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Redefining Valentine's Day.


Redefining Valentine's Day.

It is fitting that I find myself on this Valentine's Day back home on the Southern California coast after spending the last couple days on somewhere on Interstate 40. With the chaos surrounding the end of a long relationship, the excitement of a brand new job, and the dream of finally returning home coming true, it is best to be moving forward, both physically and mentally. As it has been for the last several months leading up to this liberation, making myself more useful to others, planning ahead, and reconnecting with the family and friends who have always supported me have been the best distractions from the turmoil stemming from the sudden, inexplicable, and conscious-less actions of another.

I thought about the symbolism of this particular day in February. Beyond the commercialization of things red in color, lingerie, and chocolates, it is a day celebrating love. But it's not limited to the love of one person for another; it is a day to celebrate the love of those who important in my own life. Yes, family and friends are in that circle of importance, but that's just not enough. Without the true appreciation and love for who I am, I myself am nothing.

So on this day of love, I celebrate my resilience, my courage, and my inner strength. I celebrate my support system who has kept me on the straight path toward happier days. I hope for brighter days ahead and for things to continue falling into place.

To thine own self be true. It is only when you love yourself for the person that you are that you can share a greater love with others. Now in this new chapter in my life, a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I am liberated of the chains that bound me in a place where I couldn't fulfill my potential. It took me a while to realize that I had been stuck in a rut because another person chose to disregard my emotional needs and settle for mediocrity. Now that I am free to explore my life without restriction once again, a day like this is even more exciting for far different reasons. I resolve to be daring, to not be afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve, and when the time is right, dare to take chances with it once again.

On this day, I encourage you spend a few moments to reward yourself with the gift of, well, yourself. Sneak out on that strange adventure. If you're able, go out for a ride on your motorcycle without a care in the world. Get lost somewhere for a while. Take a long walk. Admire the sunset and just enjoy the moment. Nothing can take away your happiness unless you allow negativity to consume it.

Now, I am finally home again.