Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: The 2013 SoCal Holiday Excursion Recap: Part 5


The 2013 SoCal Holiday Excursion Recap: Part 5

**This is a recap of my vacation back to Southern California from 12/28/13-1/9/14.**

For a typical Southern California interlude, I present a soccer game in early January. Okay,'s more of a photo to just rub in the fact that my home is pretty much an eternal summer with a slight variation of a few degrees. By the time I was sitting on the sidelines watching one of my nieces start her first game of the season, I almost had to take off my hoodie.

After that morning round of soccer, it was time for me to meet up with a friend in the OC to unload a few rounds on some paper targets at Firing-Line in Huntington Beach. I had the opportunity to try out a Beretta 92 duty pistol, and it marked the first time I've shot in 9mm. It definitely had a different feel than my normal .40 collection, and having something that was completely metal really helped with recoil. I have to say, I'm still love my two Glocks.

All that shooting warranted for some post-recreation pho. I went for a smaller serving in the "regular" bowl. Of course, when one orders pho, there is no such thing as a small bowl...

I will segue into the next recap with another food selection from the following day. I was headed down the 405 toward the 710 and suddenly, a Filipino party broke out, courtesy of an old friend from high school. Being a Filipina myself, I knew that I was in for even more food and a multi-purpose celebration. In this case, it was a 2nd birthday party combined with a housewarming and the blessing of multiple cars. Whatever the reason, it's always a good excuse for a profuse amount of food. And this is considered to be a light selection. It's nice to be around familiar digs again. When it comes to this kind of stuff, it's a wonderful reason to be a part of this heritage.

In the next episode, I close out my week of motorcycle riding with an illogical ride near the San Gabriel Valley and another cruise back to Northern Orange County the following day. I'll also toss in lunch with the ladies of my old WOW chapter, the Orange County Spirit Riders, to a floating restaurant in Wilimington, near the Port of Los Angeles, known as the Chowder Barge.

And that's not all! Even with my two-wheeled journey finished during this trip, gets even better with a pleasant surprise thanks to circumstances beyond my control...